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Cycling Without Age was started in Denmark in 2012 by Ole Kassow. Ole wanted to help the elderly get back on their bicycles, but he had to find a solution to their limited mobility. His answer was a trishaw and he started offering free bike rides to the local nursing home residents. Since then, Cycling Without Age has spread to 42 countries around the world. 

In October 2016, Singapore became the first country in Asia to open a Cycling Without Age chapter. We now have a growing community of volunteers and senior care centres, working together to give more seniors the experience of trishaw rides and the right to wind in their hairFrom one trishaw and a handful of volunteers, we now have over 900 volunteers and 15 trishaws in Singapore (as of September 2020). Today, more than 6,000 seniors have experienced free trishaw rides, and the CWA Singapore team aims to give more seniors in Singapore this experience as we continue to grow.

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Our vision is an inclusive community where no one faces social isolation and everyone can feel the joy of wind in their hair.


Our mission is to build an inclusive, supportive community by delivering innovative intervention programmes to our beneficiaries. We give seniors and other vulnerable groups in the community opportunities to connect  and experience  nature close up, and to share their stories to inspire others. We build bridges between generations and reinforce trust, respect and the social glue in our society.


Cycling Without Age is based on generosity and kindness. It starts with the obvious generous act of taking one or two elderly or less-abled people out on a bike ride; a simple act that everyone can do.

Slow cycling allows you to sense the environment, be present in the moment and to share the knowledge Cycling Without Age as you make time to stop and talk to people you meet on the way.

Seniors have so many stories that will be forgotten if the younger generation don’t hear them. On trishaw rides we tell stories, we listen to stories and we share them further through our social networks.

Cycling Without Age is about creating new relationships: between generations, among the elderly, between pilots and passengers, nursing homes employees and family members. Relationships build trust, happiness and quality of life.

Life does not end when you turn 75. Life unfolds at all ages, young and old, and can be thrilling, fun, sad, beautiful and meaningful. Cycling Without Age is about letting people age in a positive context – fully aware of the opportunities that lie ahead when interacting in their local community.


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