Virtual Generations

Virtual Reality Trishaw Rides was made possible with the support of Oscar @SG Fund and subsequently the Community Foundation of Singapore’s Jom Jalan fund. For seniors with restricted mobility during the pandemic and for those who are bedridden, not able to leave their homes, we brought the VR rides to the seniors by letting them experience a virtual trishaw ride through different locations and parks in Singapore.

The pilot project was completed in 2023 bringing the service into full production now known as Virtual Generations for volunteers of all ages who have a keen interest in technology and innovation.

As part of the programme, volunteers will:

  • Learn how to operate a State-of-The-Art Oculus Quest VR Headset and take seniors and people with limited mobility through 5 different beautiful locations in Singapore within a fully immersive 360 virtual environment
  • Receive training on how to administer VR as a tool to fight social isolation and bring the beneficiaries to places beyond imagination
  • Volunteer as VR Ambassador by learning how to enhance the state of the beneficiary’s mental well being by transporting beneficiaries away from loneliness to familiar sights and sounds all within the comforts of home and safety

Eligibility Requirements

  • 16 to 80 years old
  • Singaporean or PR
  • An interest in new technology or a willingness to learn

Volunteer Training

  • 2-hr VR hands on virtual reality training

Note: Those who are Virtual Reality Ambassadors are also encouraged take on Trishaw Pilot Training & other volunteering roles.

  • Attend at least one activity (approx. 4hr) per month

Opportunities to Connect

  • Volunteers Appreciation Event where we demonstrate our appreciation towards your dedication and a time of get-together with all other volunteers
  • Be connected with the rest of the volunteers through events, shared experiences and learn new skills together
  • We work with various nursing homes and social service agencies in Singapore to bring the experience of the virtual reality trishaw rides to the seniors
  • You will be deployed to specific social service agencies where we have our virtual reality sets deployed at
  • We do bring the virtual reality sets to our events and you can volunteer to be a VR ambassador at our events to administer the immersive experience to the seniors

Become a Virtual Ambassador!


Join Us

CWAS are on the lookout for more volunteers who are keen to have a hand on technology, you are encouraged to be a part of our virtual generation.

This allow you to leverage on the use of technology to serve the seniors. We welcome every keen volunteer to join.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, click the button above and apply to be a volunteer today!


Become a Partner with us!

CWAS is always looking for opportunities to collaborate with like-minded organisations, community groups and social service agencies to enhance our impact and reach. We hope through the duration of the programme, the seniors are able to enhance their well being, be more open in sharing and the willingness in exchange of conversations.

We aim that through the VR, it will bring together the seniors and ambassadors with conversations that can go a long way. If you want to be a part of this change, involving the use of technology to bring greater impact to the seniors, volunteer as our VR ambassador now

We want to bring the experience of the trishaw rides even to the seniors who can’t leave their homes and the beds. Your beneficiaries can experience that change, reach out to us at and we can’t wait to have you onboard this impactful change.