Ageing Simulation & Empathy Training

Ageing Simulation & Empathy training allows corporates and schools to develop greater understanding & empathy towards and about seniors. All these are done through series of clinics, activities, sharing and reflections.

The training aims to bring a deeper understanding on the importance of knowing what is ageism, how individuals can learn to develop skills that are essential to empathize with seniors.

  • Learn more about ageism in Singapore
  • Have a deeper understanding on how you can empathize and interact with seniors
  • Enrich the lives of those going through the programme by allowing a deeper understanding for seniors
  • Reflection, sharing on the experiences

What you can expect: 

  • Sharing about what CWAS does for the seniors in the community to help combat social isolation  among seniors in Singapore
  • The importance and benefits of developing empathy towards seniors
  • A series of activities together with the use of technology that allows you to experience how it is like to be a senior
  • The key takeaways after experiencing the programme and a time of reflections to share their feelings

Be onboard this programme

CWAS wants you to be onboard this programme, whether you are part of a school, corporate organisations, you can take up this chance to learn and develop deeper understanding, empathy for seniors through a series of activities & reflections. 

If you will like to be onboard this programme, please reach out to us at






Become an Empathy Training Volunteer!

Join Us 

CWAS is on the lookout for volunteers who are interested to learn how to conduct ageing simulation activities for the participants whom are from corporates and schools. If you have a heart and interest in bringing empathy training to the students or corporates staff, join us on this journey.

Collaborate with us!

CWAS is always looking for opportunities to collaborate with like-minded organisations, schools and community groups to enhance our impact and reach.

If you will like to have the experience to develop a greater sense of empathy for the seniors and to learn through a series of clinics, activities and reflections. Reach out to us if your corporate companies or schools would want to experience how through the programme, they can develop more empathy towards the seniors.