Partnership Guidelines

Cycling Without Age welcomes partnerships with companies and organizations. In fact we encourage connecting across sectors as long as the purpose is to give the elderly wind in their hair and the core principles are top of mind.

We operate in the not-for-profit sector and rely heavily on people’s willingness and desire to spread joy and happiness through the generous act of giving bicycle rides to the elderly. Therefore, corporate partnerships can be a great way to get contributions for acquiring the bikes, sponsoring longer rides, renting locations, buying coffee, cakes and lunch for volunteers and passengers.

Type of partnership

We encourage in-kind partnerships, but regular cash partnerships are also okay. If you intend to take more than USD 10,000 in cash, please send us an email –


Sponsors are allowed to get their logo on print and on rickshaws. You are welcome to advertize partnerships and endorse partners on social media as well. Just make sure that a partner logo is never bigger than the CWA logo.


CWA is a volunteering endeavor. You may not run the activities to make money. All funds raised must go back into the organizing of the CWA activities.

Unacceptable Partners

Under no conditions will CWA allow companies or organizations who deal in the following to sponsor CWA activities:
Adult-oriented products/services