We couldn’t do it without their support:


  • RéCYCLE bike seeker in Little India are servicing our trishaw free of charge, we are forever grateful to them. Give them a visit and like their Facebook page here.
  • Holship gave the freight cost from Denmark to Singapore as a gift because they too want to give the elderly of Singapore wind in their hair, we love them for it. They do global transport, check them out:
  • Ruqxana from Cookery Magic, offers our pilots and passengers a cooling drink when they are in the Siglap area on the trishaw, enjoy her hospitality at 117 Fidelio Street.
  • The Nail Social offers a free treatment to our pilots and passengers, isn’t that sweet? They’re on the second floor at 42A Haji Lane.
  • Lagnaa barefoot restaurant is a big fan of us, see our flyers and posters in their restaurant. We may use their venue to gather and explore new ideas for Cycling Without Age.
  • StLuke’s Elderlycare center is the first elderlycare center in Singapore that owns a trishaw and takes out their elderly actively. We fully collaborate on training staff and adding volunteers to their volunteergroup to cycle with the elderly.
  • Zendesk is the first company and sponsor that works with us in our CSR program. They donated two trishaws and cycle with their volunteers weekly through Singapore and in this way add value to the community not only by giving, but also by doing!
  • GEMS World Academy (Singapore) is our first school that collaborates with us in our CAS program. Their eldest students (16 years and above) are trained and are cycling with the elderly from a elderlycare center in their neighbourhood. As well, the younger students are going to the center to get to know the elderly, play games and do activities with them and will be the pilots as soon as they become 16 year old. We work with them on understanding another generation, long term relationships and communitybuilding!
  • Manifera Software Development who supports us in keeping our website up-to-date.
  • The Co. supports us with a good workplace and to extend our activities within the community.
  • Acid Print supports us for all our printwork and the artwork needed for that.




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