Get Involved

Are you as enthusiastic as we are and would you like to get involved? There are several ways to do so:

Become a volunteer:
If you would like to ferry elderly around, please sign up as a volunteer. But we also have other needs, we would really appreciate to have more volunteers who are willing to help as well with promoting, fundraising, marketing etc. Because if we are able to find more sponsors, we are able to buy more trishaws and give more rides! Please contact us at


Become a passenger:
Have you always cycled, but are not able to do so anymore for whatever reason? Please contact us and we will arrange a date and time with our volunteers to let you feel the wind in your hair again!


Are you an elderlycare organisation, a church, a temple etc and interested:
Do you love the idea of giving the elderly rides in your center? Maybe only for a one time event or for longterm partnership?  Please contact us for more information or a demonstration.


Are you a company and want to donate or interested in our CAS or CSR program?
Together with Etch Empathy ( we have developed a CSR program for companies. As well for schools we have a CAS program. For more information look at (TAB to CSR/CAS). Or contact us at

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