Cycle for Good

In light of a global pandemic, CWA Singapore adapted quickly to meet the changing needs of the Singapore community. When in-person activities were cancelled, CWA introduced virtual programmes to keep seniors engaged. As Singapore slowly reopened, CWA introduced new safety measures to trishaw rides and started bringing out beneficiaries again. CWA recently expanded its target beneficiary group to include other groups at-risk of experiencing social isolation, including people with disabilities.

As Singapore opens up, CWA has had an influx of requests from organisations requesting to bring out their beneficiaries into the community again after a long period of no outdoor or social activities. CWA urgently needs more funds in order to meet this increasing demand and to continue serving those in need in the community into 2021.

Cycle for Good is CWA Singapore’s giving month campaign, where we invite members of the community to sign up in teams, cycle and raise funds for our cause. Check out the live campaigns below and support your favourite one, or create a campaign for yourself!

Key Dates

How To Get Involved

  • Form a team and register here
  • Choose a cycling category (30km or 100km) or
    come up with a distance that suits your team
  • Cycle and raise funds online between 1st – 31st
  • Submit evidence of your rides using a fitness
    tracking app to receive your finisher pack
  • Reach our Silver and Gold fundraising tiers to
    receive premium goodies in your finisher pack!

Want more information on how to sign up? Download our event info booklet for full details!

Our Fundraisers