How we work

At CWA Singapore, we value the relationships we build as we serve the community. The policies and procedures shared on this page form part of the working guidelines we have as we connect with community.

Furthermore, the disclosures made on this page are part of our efforts to ensure transparency at all times, towards all our stakeholders, in line with our value of Integrity.

Business Continuity Plan


On remuneration

  • Board directors are considered volunteers and do not receive remuneration.
  • All remuneration to paid staff are reviewed and approval by the Board.
  • Paid staff are not included in setting their own remuneration.
  • There is no paid staff receiving remuneration exceeding $100,000.

On conflict of interest

  • Board directors, members of the charity and staff are informed of the Conflict of Interest policy.
  • Board directors, members of the charity and staff need to adhere to procedures set out in our Constitution and work policies should there be a potential conflict of interest arising in a situation.