CSR and CAS program

One of our guiding principles within Cycling Without Age is ‘relationships’. With our bikerides we want to build up relationships between elderly, between elderly and the pilot, but as well between organisations. Another very important principle is ‘without age’. Regardless of age we think that everybody wants to feel alive and we look at aging in a positive way, there is so much to give back.
With this in mind we developed a CSR and CAS program to bring companies to the elderlycare centers, but not just for a one time encounter, but to build up a longterm relationship. The whole program contains two parts.

The program
In the first part we create empathy for the elderly with the employees. We do this by offering a simulation program about aging, group discussion and a storyteller. With this exposer within the organisation the employees have the ability to experience, to explore and ask about aging. As well, we will tell more about Cycling Without Age and will present the trishaw to the employees.
During the second part of the program, we will train the employees as pilots on the trishaw. As soon as they are confident, we will introduce them to an elderlycare center as close as possible to the office.  The donated trishaw will be ‘opened’ and we will do a kick-off with some trishaw rides.
Together with the center we will make a (bi)weekly program for employees to come to the center to do trishawrides with the elderly. For example, if the company has 25 cycling volunteers and the company offers a weekly bikeride, every volunteer will cycle twice per year. Total costs in manpower for the company will be approximately 3hrs per week x 50 is 150 hours per year of CSR.
Cycling Without Age will be involved to keep the pilots up to date, train new volunteers and take care of the maintenance of the trishaw. So there will be no hassle for the company in organising the ‘side-effects’ of this CSR-program.

Costs for the program depends on the amount of employees and employees involved and as well how many hours your employees will be available for cycling.
Besides those indirect costs, the costs for a trishaw including insurance and maintenance for three years is S$15000. This includes the name of the company on the trishaw, so it’s visible who donated the trishaw.
Next to this there are costs involved for the aging simulation (one time trainingcosts) and a small yearly fee for Cycling Without Age for the follow-up, running costs, community-building etc.
We will agree on a three year partnership to let the relations bloom and we are able to build up a good partnership and community.

Are you interested to participate in the program (or a part of the program) please contact us on cyclingwithoutagesg@gmail.com
We would like to explore your ambitions in long-term community participation and how we can collaborate to make that happen in a friendly and active way!